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Resource Renewal

An integrated group of companies in the environmental consulting and remediation field.

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Restoring for the Future

A full service family of environmental consulting, program management, engineering and remediation companies that specialize in designing and implementing effective remedies for environmental problems.

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Dynamic Site Redevelopment

A brownfield and landfill redevelopment company.

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Redevelopment of Distressed Properties

Dynamic Site Redevelopment (DSR) assists municipal governments and property owners in the remediation and redevelopment of contaminated real estate. DSR specializes in the remediation and redevelopment of landfills and brownfield properties.

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Resource Control Consultants

A client centered environmental consulting company.

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Effective Solutions for Problems that Impact the Quality of Our Environment

Resource Control Consultants, LLC (RCC) is a full service environmental consulting, engineering and remediation company that specializes in the execution of both ex-situ and in-situ remedial solutions for contaminated soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediment sites.

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Blue Lightning Underground Enterprises

A provider of patented ozone based remediation technologies and services.

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Ozone-based Solutions for Remediating Challenging Sites

Blue Lightning Underground Enterprises, LLC (BLUE) designs and implements Ozone-gas based remediation solutions to meet contaminant and environment specific remediation challenges.



Specialists in artifical reef preparation and placement

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Brings Permanent Jobs and Dollars to Coastal Communities

REEFMAKERS™ assists coastal communities in the funding, acquisition, preparation and deployment of large, obsolete ships as artificial reefs providing huge positive economic stimulus.

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Our Story

The Resource Renewal companies are an integrated group of companies that pride ourselves on being customer focused and outcome based. We are fully equipped to evaluate, consult, develop, and implement strategies to accomplish our customers’ goals in addressing any environmental challenge.

To that end we evaluate each problem to develop the appropriate solutions, fully cognizant of client objectives, State and Federal Regulations, and delivery efficiency.

As a group of companies, Resource Renewal covers a broad base in the environmental services field including:

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